Alumni Giving

Although historically KCLA has never participated directly in College fund-raising campaigns, we now judge that it is part of our responsibility to encourage our members to respond positively to the major challenges of the “World Questions, King's Answers” Campaign.

When the College launched the public phase of its £500m campaign “World Questions/King's Answers” (WQ/KA) last year, KCLA Council decided, after much debate and heart-searching, that we could not stand idly by in semi-detached fashion while this vital project, easily King's biggest-ever fund-raising effort, proceeded.

Recognising the challenges the College was facing, with ambitious academic programmes being developed at a time of increasing financial pressures, we decided, in close consultation with the Principal and his colleagues, to make a tangible contribution to the campaign.

We have therefore established the Alumni Giving Committee (AGC), operating as a sub-Committee of KCLA Council but with a high degree of independence, under the chairmanship of Prof. Stephen Challacombe FKC, Vice-Dean and Director of External Strategy of KCL Dental Institute. Stephen has been appointed to KCLA Council ex officico.

The AGC is now established in KCLA's Constitution and is intended to function for at least five years or the remaining term of the WQ/KA Campaign.

The AGC's initial targets include the key objective of doubling the actual number of alumni who make a regular financial contribution to King's. Currently, around 2.5% of our data base are donors. Since this database of 120,000 members worldwide is never complete, the percentage figure of all alumni is obviously lower. Although this figure seems modest, it is actually the fourth highest figure in the UK, but is a small fraction of the levels achieved, for example, in the United States.

If the AGC can succeed in this core objective (it will develop others), this will constitute a major and valuable enhancement of King's fund-raising agenda.