King’s College London Alumni Association (KCLA) is the organisation to which all alumni and former staff of King’s, and the Colleges with which it has merged, automatically belong.

Just as KCLSU, the Students' Union, is the voice of current students, KCLA is here to represent and advance the interests of over 120,000 members who once studied or worked at King's.

KCLA is an independent body, run by a Council elected by its members. However we remain closely linked to the College, primarily through King's Alumni & Supporter Relations Office and King's Sport. 

Our primary role is to encourage and facilitate continuing alumni contact with each other and the College. The alumni network is a major asset for the College around the world, not just as a potential source of income but as a living, growing body of great energy, ability, experience and influence. It is a big part of KCLA's job to make sure this potential is realised, to the mutual benefit of King's and our members.

“KCLA’s central focus is to encourage all Alumni to continue to be involved in the cultural and sporting activities of King’s College London, and to facilitate contact between alumni.”

Stephen Challacombe, KCLA Chairman