KCLA Council

KCLA is led by a Council of volunteer alumni representing different areas of the alumni community. 

KCLA Council is made up of elected members and representatives of KCLA's branches and societies together with several senior representatives of the College. It meets quarterly to discuss KCLA business, events and funding for projects. Council members are elected annually at the AGM and online.

The Chairman is elected for a three-year term, with the option to stand for re-election. The Past Chairman remains on Council for a further three years.

The President is elected for a two-year term. The Past President remains on Council for a further two years. A Vice-President is appointed by Council. The President is appointed by the AGM on the recommendation of Council.

Council members are elected for two-year terms, with the option of standing for a further two-year term.

Other officers are the Secretary, Treasurer and Events Officer. Council meets quarterly.


Sub-committees of Council

Executive Committee: 

For membership (which includes the officers and two College representatives) please see the Constitution section. The Executive meets quarterly, between Council Meetings. 

Alumni Giving Committee: 

The Alumni Giving Committee has been established to encourage alumni to participate directly in the major current World Questions/King's Answers campaign, the College's biggest ever fundraising operation. The Council of KCLA decided in 2010 to modify its historical position of complete non-involvement in the College's fundraising programmes in the context of the huge challenges faced by King's in reaching its latest fundraising targets.

The AGC is made up of distinguished and successful alumni, from various age groups and nationalities, operating under an independent Chair, currently Diana Garnham. 

The primary target of the AGC is, over the period in which the WQKA campaign runs, to double the proportion of our data base who actually make regular contributions to King's. This figure is currently around 2.5%, a small number, but the highest in London and believed to be the fourth highest in the UK. However, the equivalent figure in the major American universities exceeds 20%.

As our database is rapidly growing, due to the growth in graduate numbers and the more efficient capture of data, this is a challenging objective. If we succeed, however, it will have a major beneficial impact on King's.

Finance Sub-Committee: 

Membership consists of Treasurer, Past Treasurer, independent alumnus (currently Prof. Nairn Wilson FKC) and a College nominee (currently the Internal Auditor). The FSC effectively acts as the de facto Audit Committee of KCLA. It ensures that KCLA's increased funding is properly managed and correctly spent.

KCLA 's principal income is the annual investment by the College of c£20k allocated to specific and costed projects, as well as revenue from selling tickets to our events and some sponsorship. The financial support we receive from the College is crucial to our mission of developing an active and expanding alumni network around the world.